4th Grade Home

Forward in Faith

For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

Mrs. Ann Leimer


904-928-9236 ext. 112

Students in 4th grade are connected to Christ our Savior. Daily the students are in the Word through devotions and writing religion journals where they reflect on their biblical learning and their faith growth. Students learn to witness to others in different situations, strive to respective themselves and others who are God’s children, and are reminded to turn to God in prayer during times of praise and need. Through our curriculum, students are reminded of the wonders of God’s creation especially the plants, animals, and ecosystems found in our state of Florida.

4th grade students learn to recognize community begins with our class “family”, but extends beyond these walls of Grace.  Each year the students connect with nursing home residents as pen pals, having opportunities to meet each other, encourage one another, and learn from different generations.  A wide variety of field trips also provide chances for students to explore our community around us as well as be visible witnesses in the places we go. 

I love 4th grade because we explore many new ideas as I help students to think critically and ask deeper questions.  We explore, challenge, and think critically through a number of different projects including Native American Dioramas, Civil War Simulations, Manatee Puppet Plays, Parade of Florida and Field Trips. At an age where students begin to strive for independence and learn responsibility, it is rewarding to see the challenges and the growth throughout the 4th grade year.