5th Grade

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Welcome back for the 2019-2020 school year!

Students are Connected to Christ at Grace each and every day.  The most important way our students are Connected to Christ is through our words and actions.  We make Christ the emphasis through our student-led daily morning devotions and prayers for one another at the end of each day.  5th grade students also participate in middle school devotions on Fridays, small group Bible study throughout the year and our Religion class.

5th grade students are Connected to Community through our time with our PreK4 buddies in Chapel on Tuesday mornings, time with our 2nd grade reading buddies, the teams and clubs and after-school activities students participate in, middle school dances sharing in fun and laughter.

5th grade is a year of transition as they begin middle school, but together, we can help them enter this next stage.  I love teaching 5th graders because they are still little, but they want to be big so badly.  They are entering into middle school, but are basically big 4th graders at the beginning of the year.  I can tell a body odor joke and they still laugh, but they can have really deep, meaningful conversations about their faith.  They will trip over their own shoelaces because they forgot to tie them, yet they can talk about books in detail and come up with some amazing, interesting thoughts, sometimes even surprising their teacher with their knowledge. 

Generally, 5th graders still have an excitement for learning and want to see that I am excited to teach them.  Being silly with them and laughing at their jokes is all it takes to win over most of them.  Lastly, I love teaching 5th grade because it is a really interesting social experiment and teachers are privy to observe it. There may never be another place where so much awkwardness, odor, desire to fit-in, curiosity and developing faith exists. 

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