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Welcome to 7th Grade!

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Our 7th graders connect to Christ in a big way!  Leading classroom devotions daily, praying for one another to begin and end each day, participating in religion classes, and studying the Bible together connect them to Christ and each other in a special way.  Students own their faith and use it as a guiding force as they learn together what it means to live their lives for Jesus.

7th graders connect to our Grace community through weekly praise and worship time with the entire middle school, participation in middle school small group bible study, PK-8 weekly chapel services, and spending time with our PK-4 chapel buddies.  Participation in athletics and other extracurricular activities build relationships that extend beyond the walls of Grace Lutheran School.

Class trips to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and the amazing waters of the Florida Keys connect our 7th graders to the wonders of God's creation in a mighty way.  Memories they will carry for a lifetime as they remain connected to Christ and each other in a special way.

I am blessed to be a teacher of 7th graders.  I love helping them navigate the journey toward greater independence and making choices that are pleasing to God and therefore pleasing to parents, teachers, friends and the world. 

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