We began our exam review today for Lang. Arts and Soc. Studies. If your child needs another copy, in addition to extra handouts in the classroom, packets, some worksheets, and exam guidelines are available on my website under the sections for those classes in the Exam Prep folders. Hard copy book exercises and workbook worksheets are available in my classroom, and students may check out Writer's Choice books (last year's grammar text) if they want to do extra practice at home. I have encouraged students to study areas of personal struggle first, to allow plenty of time for practicing that content. Exam review is ungraded and students may see me to discuss answers. Students will receive a 10 pt. grade each day for staying on task and working on the review. Please note that I gave a lot of options to provide sufficient practice, but students are NOT required to complete all of the review for each class.   
Please let me know if you have any questions.