Thank you to the many parents who came out for Parent-Teacher Conferences last Thursday and Friday. I enjoyed meeting with you to discuss concerns, answer questions, and celebrate your children's accomplishments during the first quarter of the school year. My congratulations to all those who earned academic awards, awarded in chapel today!
Here's a sneak preview of upcoming activities and content for Quarter 2:
Lang. Arts: The Wonder and Terror of Outer Space thematic unit, A Christmas Carol (play and movie versions); Grammar: Adjectives/Adverbs and other parts of speech; Vocab. lists continue through List 11 this quarter (cumulative test will be on 3 lists instead of 4 this quarter; due to hurricane week we will not get to List 12 before Christmas), continue reading independently for Accelerated Reader Challenge 
Social Studies: Conclude unit on spread of Christianity (around time of Roman Empire), growth of the Islamic Empire, development of Africa (Chps. 13, 14, 15 in your child's Soc. Studies textbook). 
I look forward to a great second quarter with our 7th graders!