I pray you enjoyed a restful and celebratory Thanksgiving this past weekend. As we dive into the holiday season, a few dates to keep in mind during these first three weeks of December:
- Middle School spelling bee is Fri., Dec. 13 at 8:45 in the sanctuary. Students had preliminary rounds this week during their Language Arts classes, so the bee on Dec. 13 is for the finalists from grades 5-8. You are welcome to come to the bee. 
- Choir's Christmas field trip is also Fri., Dec. 13th. 
- Semester exams will be Mon., Dec. 16-Thurs., Dec. 19: Social Studies is on Monday, Science is on Tuesday, Lang. Arts is on Wed., and Math is on Thurs.
- Our Christmas concert is at 7 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 16th. 
- Night in Bethlehem is enjoying a reprise this year and will be held in the gym from 5:30-7:30
- Thursday, Dec. 19 is the final date to turn in late/missing assignments and assessments for Quarter 2 for my classes (other teachers may choose an earlier date if they choose). 
- Fri., Dec. 20 we are planning to go on a roller-skating field trip - again, stay tuned as we firm up details. 
- Fri., Dec. 20 early dismissal is at noon (approximately, as we'll be returning from skating). 
- Enjoy Christmas break from the afternoon of Dec. 20-Jan. 3. School resumes Jan. 6.