Dear Kindergarten Families,

Here are this week's updates and highlights:

*Our field trip to the pumpkin patch is this Friday.  Updated license and/or insurance is needed from everyone who has this information on file, per Mrs. Tanner.  You may stop by and give it to us or send it in.  We can run a copy the morning of the field trip as well.  There are still a couple of outstanding parent volunteer forms.  If we do not have them in by Wednesday, you will not be able to chaperone this field trip.

*Children will need to be a school uniform for the pumpkin patch.  I suggest long pants since we will be going on a hay ride.  I will check with Mrs. Sasse on maybe choosing a class color for shirts to help keep the classes separated and therefore easier to spot for parents.

*Your child will need a sack lunch and drink.  You may also send money to buy pumpkins. Prices start at $1.00 and go up from there.

*Our P is for Pumpkin Party is next Monday, October 30th.  You do not need to send in anything for this party unless you just want to contribute.  We will be having pumpkin and orange colored treats, we will do a pumpkin STEM activity, and do a pumpkin craft.  Please do not send in anything Halloween-related as our school does not celebrate Halloween.  Thank you! 


This week we will be kicking it up a notch in both reading and math.  We will begin putting words together using our blends we have been learning and focusing on initial, middle, and final sounds in consonant-vowel-consonant words.  We will learn what a proper noun is and focus on the main idea when reading a story.  We will learn about the parts of a pumpkin in science and eat pumpkin seeds for a snack.  In math, we will be learning the +1 concept, as well as the value of pennies and nickels.  We will review AB/ABB/AAB patterns in geometry.  In Bible, we will learn about Moses and the 10 Commandments.  Our letter of the week is /Pp/, our number of the week is 9, and our sight words for the week are:

my, we, like

Our blends ladders will be for the letters /Ss/ and /Pp/. 

Have a blessed week in the Lord!

Mrs. Tracy :)