Hello Kindergarten Families,

I pray you had a restful and blessed Thanksgiving!  We have a very busy week this week.  Here are this week's announcements:

*Our Christmas program is on Sunday, December 3rd at 6:30.  You will all be receiving a separate email from me regarding time to arrive, attire, and any other details pertaining to the performance.

*We are practicing Tuesday through at least Thursday and possibly Friday; therefore, our academics this week will be a bit less than usual.  I sent home a small extra homework assignment to help make up for this.  It is a writing assignment for Bible.  Your child does not need to cut it out, as we will do this in class.  I also sent home this week's decodable reader.  Your child needs to read this to you as part of the homework pack as often as possible.  Repetition helps build fluency, so have your child read read read!  :)

*Mrs. Tammy Gunn is working on details for our Christmas party.  When we have our plans, we will send you information regarding time, date, and activities. 


Our letters for the week are /Nn/ and /Cc/.  We will learn about the giant panda bear and what an endangered species is as part of our reading unit.  We will also begin our month-long study of the events that led up to the birth of Christ, starting with the announcment of the birth of John the Baptist.  We will learn about the postal service in social studies and the animals of the Nativity in science.  Math will focus on 5-groups and adding on to 5, as well as shape attributes.  Our sight words for the week are:  she, with, me. 

Have a wonderful and blessed week in the Lord! :)

Mrs. Tracy