This Week's Announcements:

*The Scholastic Book Fair begins on Monday and runs through Friday.  This is an excellent opportunity to do some Christmas shopping!  Your child will have a chance to make a "wish list" and bring it home.  You may send in money for your child to shop or you can stop by and shop yourself.  Books always make the perfect gift for a child!  I recommend picture books or beginner reading books at levels 1 or 2, depending on your child's ability.  :)

*Mrs. Dunn has checked on the Grace outerwear orders and they should be in some time this week.  We will send your child's order home as soon as we get it.

*We have many special events on our calendar this month.  Please make sure to check your child's class and school calendars daily.

*Our Christmas party will be on December 15th starting around 12:45 when we come in from recess.  You are welcome to attend.  My room mom and I are working on details for the party.  If you would like to contribute in any way, please just let us know.  We are always happy to have extra help!  :)

*Please make sure your child is completing all homework assignments and turning them on on Friday.  Homework is a grade on the report card and I do keep a record of assignments turned in and when they were turned in.  Also, I am sending home decodable reader books as part of the homework packs now.  It is very important that your child read this book often to you at home.  It helps reinforce sight words and cvc words we learn in class.

*Show-n-tell is something green!

Academics this week:

We will be working on prediction and inferring skills in reading, practicing our digraphs and consonant blends, reading cvc words both short and long vowel, and working on nouns, verbs, and adjectives in language.  In math, we will continue to work on 5 groups and 10 frame, addition, and shape attributes.  In social studies, we will begin to learn some of the customs and traditions of Christmas for other countries, including Italy and Sweden.  We will begin our unit on the birth of Christ as we learn the true meaning of Christmas.  Our sight words of the week are:  green/he/here.  Our letter of the week is:  /Rr/.  We will be working in the teen numbers this week.

Have a blessed week in the Lord!  :)