Welcome to 2018 in kindergarten!  I hope you all had a relaxing and blessed Christmas holiday and I welcome your little ones back to school.  Here are this week's updates:

*We will be starting a new program at Grace that will involve your child bringing home a backpack filled with Christian activities, devotions, and games for him/her to share with the family at home.  This will be on a turn-taking basis and more info will go home about this later in the week.  We will start this next week so that your child can reacclimate to being back in school after a long break.

*Report cards will go home this week.  Please sign your child's report card and return.  I will send a copy for you to keep as well.  Benchmark test scores will also go home.

Here are this week's academics:

We will be learning about story prediction in reading and future tense verbs in language.  In phonics, we will review digraphs and introduce new consonant vowel blends for /r/ controlled sounds. We will also review past and present tense verbs, nouns, and adjectives.  In math, we will be starting a new unit learning ten groups, adding groups of numbers to equal ten, and AABB patterns.  In Bible, we will read the story of the Wise Men's visit to baby Jesus.  We will focus on creative writing this week as we learn how to write a story using beginning, middle, and end.  In science, we learn about snowflakes and how they are formed.  We will even look at a video of snowflakes forming and make our own snowflakes out of glue in class!  Our letters for the week is letter /Ff/.  Our sight words are:  no, of, on. 

Have a blessed first week back to school everyone!  :)