Hi Kindergarten Families! I am so sorry I forgot to post here last night! Here are this week's updates:
*The kids did FABULOUS on their Bible memory verses last week! Every single child knew the verse! I am so proud! A new verse went home today as part of the homework packet. Homework packets are always due on Friday, along with the quizzes on sight words and the memory verses.
*Friday is our Winter Fun Day! I had asked your little ones to bring in a "daddy sock" for a craft we are doing, but after considering that some not-so-clean socks might make their way into backpacks unbeknownst to parents, I decided to just go ahead and purchase socks for everyone. ;) So no need to send anything in! We will have hot chocolate, play with artificial "snow", and make snow people out of socks. Snow what fun!
*As a reminder, please send in water bottles with a straw or sippy top. We are having a lot of spilled water on papers with bottles that just have tops that come on and off. Thank you!
Here are this week's academics:
In language, we will be editing sentences by correcting punctuation, capitalization, and spacing. In phonics, we are adding new consonant blends and beginning to combine them with long vowel sounds. Please work with your children on the long vowel/silent vowel rule when reading at home. This is a difficult concept that takes time to grasp. Your children are reading better and better every day! They have developed fluency and speed and many children are reading without needing to sound out words. YAY! :) In math, we are learning the concept of missing numbers (solving for x, if you will) and reviewing more and fewer. Science will focus on polar animals as we learn about ocean animals from the arctic region. In Bible, we will learn about Jesus and His disciples and how they were very special helpers to Him.
Have a blessed week in the Lord! :)
Mrs. Tracy