Good evening, Kindergarten Families!

Here are this week's updates and reminders:

*Our field trip is this Thursday. Here are a few reminders for this trip: Every child must have an adult chaperone and we need updated driver information if you are new or anything has changed since our last field trip. This is required by the school. This is an all-day field trip. If you wish to take your child home directly from the zoo, this is fine, but I must be notified that you are leaving. Please meet in our classroom Thursday morning before the trip if possible so that I may give you a run-down of our day, time for lunch and info for gathering at the gate, etc. You may drive directly to the zoo with your child, but please let me know if you are doing this so we don't end up waiting on a child to leave. I am SO looking forward to this fun day together!

*We have collected $75 towards our class project for the auction from two very generous parents. Mrs. Jane and I are very grateful for the donations and we will be able to purchase a bird bath, paints, and sealer. Any additional donations we receive will go towards accessories, such as a wind chime or a bird feeder.

*We had a great deal of illness last week and quite a few absences. I pray that everyone is feeling better now and there are no more germs. If your child had make-up work, please remember that the general rule is he/she has the same amount of time to complete make-up work as the time missed from school.

*Mrs. Jane will be out for Monday and Tuesday. Mrs. Tammy, Savannah's mommy, will be our substitute. She is very familiar with the children and how we do things in class so I know she will do a great job in my Mrs. Jane's absence.

*I want to say how proud I am of my children on their reading tests last week. Almost every child in the class made an A (most of them 100s!), and this was a challenging reading test with many words that required strong decoding skills. Keep up the great at work at home! It's paying off in a big way!


We will be reading about transportation in our reading curriculum and how transportation has changed over the last 100 years. In language, we will be introduced to the use of prepositions in our sentence writing. We will continue to work on statements and questions. In math, we will continue to work on place value, teen addition and subtraction facts, and equal groups. We will wrap up this unit this week and begin our last unit for the year next week. We will learn about healthy eating habits as part of a new health unit we will be working on the remainder of the month. We will also do a KWL chart for our trip to the zoo. In Bible, we will learn about the Ascension of Jesus, a very important story in the New Testament as it helps to explain the Holy Trinity. Our memory verse for the week is:

Jesus sad, I am with you always. Matthew 28:20

Have a wonderful week and be blessed!

Mrs. Tracy