News from Kindergarten/Week of August 20th:

We had a fabulous first week of school (truly we did!) and I am so proud of how these little guys have already adjusted to their new routine and come in every day knowing what to do! Thank you so much for your help last week in transitioning your sweet kiddos into big kid class. Mrs. Jane and I think we have a pretty awesome bunch of both kindergartners and families!

This week in Kindergarten:

*We begin our regular curriculum for phonics/math/Bible/handwriting. We are learning about long and short vowels, counting in groups up to 5, writing the letter /Ii/, and studying the story of Creation from the Book of Genesis. We will have a STEM activity on Thursday with cup-stacking and both read and do activities for Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes (a personal fave!).

*Homework packs are not due until Friday. Please have your child complete homework with a pencil and use crayons for coloring in pictures or for assignments that they are required for. Using a pencil will allow greater ability for self-correction and also cause less anxiety if a mistake is made.

*Friday is show-n-tell, something that begins with the letter /Ii/, either short or long vowel. This is a tricky one, so I also enjoy the creativity of everyone as they scramble looking for something that starts with this letter. So much fun!

*We will be having our first party the third week of September for Johnny Appleseed. If you have volunteered as a room mom, send me a message and we will start planning for that the end of next week so it can go on our September calendar. As a reminder, all volunteers must fill out the volunteer forms and read the volunteer handbook (and sign) from the school website.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed week!

Much love and God's blessings,
Mrs. Tracy and Mrs. Jane