Hello Kindergarten Families:

This week in kindergarten:

*Fundraiser packs from PTL will go home this week.

*Send in your child's Drive Out Cancer T-shirt order form by this Wednesday if you would like to participate. Your child may wear this special shirt each Friday, along with a uniform bottom.

*This week's show-n-tell is Letter A.

*I have some 1 inch book rings so that you can make your child flashcards using index cards for their sight words. If you would like one, please let me know and I will tuck one in your child's folder.

This week, we will continue to learn vowel sounds and begin blending them with consonants. We will learn what a sentence is and how to write one using a capital letter, space between words, and a period. We will do lessons on same and different in math, and also begin learning about grouping. We will continue to learn about citizenship and begin learning about symbols of America. In Bible, we will learn about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Our sight words for the week are: the, little, all.

As a reminder, please adhere to the school policy for dress code. We are seeing a lot of non-uniform type clothing, such as skinny pants, shirts with no logos, and jean shorts.

Thank you everyone, and have a wonderful and blessed week!

Love in Christ,
Mrs. Tracy and Mrs. Jane