Hello Kindergarten Families,

I hope you all had an enjoyable long weekend and that all our veterans had a happy Veteran's Day and you were thanked many times over for your service to our country. I know my veteran husband took advantage of the the freebies, so we ate a whole lot of good food the past two days! We have a short week, but we still have some really important announcements:

*Friday is Trike-a-thon. If your child is participating, you will need to drop off his/her trike or bike in the morning, along with a helmet. They will not be allowed to ride without a helmet. I believe more info about this event will go home this week.

*Homework this week is another special assignment. I am sending home a "Disguise a Turkey" packet, along with the sight words. The project will be due on Friday. I attached a piece of card stock to glue the turkey and his disguise on to for extra stability. This is a super fun project and one that I hope you and your children will enjoy together.

*Green reader books notice! Some of you have noticed that your child came home with a new, and much more difficult, green reader book (level 4). Congratulations if your child has this book, because he/she is reading about a month ahead of the curriculum schedule. Due to this, however, the long vowel words in this book have not yet shown up in the seatwork. I introduced long vowels to them last week, but this is a new concept and they are just now learning the rules. It will take time for this concept to "click", so your child may be in this book for a while longer than usual.

*Our turkey party is next Monday at 1:15. It is really more just a craft and special snack, so it is won't be like the other parties we have had. Parents are welcome, but this little event will be more a hands-on crafts-y sort of thing than anything else. ;)

*Appropriate shoes Alert! I am seeing some really cute boots for my girls, but please remember that boots are not appropriate for kindergarten. They are super cute in the fashion sense, but your child cannot run, climb, jump, or participate in PE with them on. Please dress your child in shoes that are comfortable and flexible every day. THANK YOU!!!

*There will be NO show-n-tell on Friday due to Trike-a-thon. Instead, Mrs. Jane and I will be bringing our own show-n-tell to share. The theme? Toys from our childhood. What Fun! :)


Academics: We will read a fairy tale this week (Jack and the Beanstalk) and discuss the elements of what a fairy tale are. We will learn about the First Thanksgiving and spend much time in both social studies and reading learning about the lives of Pilgrim and Indian children. We will compare and contrast their lives to the lives of children today using a Venn Diagram. We will continue to learn about ten frame as we learn how to count teen numbers using a ten frame grid. We will learn about the Battle of Jericho in Bible and also spend some time learning about the Christian elements of the First Thanksgiving and why it was celebrated then and today. Our sight words for the week are: he, here, Jesus.

Have a wonderful and blessed week! :)

Mrs. Tracy