Greetings Kindergarten Families! I pray you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! This week is going to be jam-packed! Here are this week's announcements: We will have a full calendar for the first few weeks. Make sure to check daily for activities and events. We will have a field trip, a class party, our Christmas program, and lots of things in-between.

*Field trip permission slips for the Gingerbread House go home today. Please make sure to sign them and return them as soon as possible. As always, if you play to chaperone, we need your background check completed. Also, if you are driving, we need your driver's license and insurance information on file. Please note that this field trip does not allow siblings to attend. If you have younger children, you will need to make arrangements for a sitter. Your child will need a car seat if you are allowing them to ride with another parent. You will also need to pack a lunch in a paper bag or large Ziploc bag.

*The Christmas Program is this Sunday evening and your children will need to wear Christmas Sunday best clothing. Mrs. Crespo will send more information herself about this event.

*We will be having rehearsals for the program at least three times this week during the day. I am therefore sending home a bit longer homework pack since we will be missing some academic time during the day. Never fear though, it is fun Christmas-y type homework!


We will be doing a lot of cross-curricular activities over the next few weeks as we embark a Christmas Around the World Journey. We will include literacy activities this week as we learn about Australia, Canada, and England and their Christmas customs. We will work with 5 group and ten frame this week and learn what an equal sign means. We will compare and contrast shapes and objects. In Bible, we will begin learning about the events that led up to the birth of Christ by starting with the birth of John the Baptist. We will create an Advent calendar and wreath this week to begin the Advent season. Our sight words this week are: look, me, no

Have a blessed week everyone!