Hello to all my kindergarten families! I hope you had a wonderful holiday break! It was great seeing all my little ones back to school today. They were SO good today and you never would have known they were out of routine for over two weeks. I was so proud of them just picking right back up where they left off and never skipping a beat!

I sent home new calendars today for book-it, our class, and for behavior. Since we are already short a week in January, we don't have quite as much going on, but please do note the Chili cook-off on your calendar, as well as our winter fest party (more on that later). Show-n-tell this week is something that represents winter!

You may have noticed that your children now have memory verses in their homework packs. They do NOT need to be able to write them; only say them. They will recite their verses (including book of BIble, chapter, and verses) when they do their sight words tests.

In academics, we will learn about past, present, and future and apply it to history lessons, as well as our writing. We will begin a thematic unit on winter and arctic animals. We will begin our unit with a lesson about penguins. We will use pattern blocks in math and also start addition in the teens using ten frame. We will learn about Epiphany in our Bible studies this week as we learn about the journey of the 3 Wisemen to give gifts to the baby Jesus. We are starting to learn our upcoming chapel (in March) by starting on a song we will sing (more on that later too). Our sight words this week are on, of, and see.

Have a wonderful and blessed week everyone, and may God bless you and your families in 2019!