Hello everyone! Here is our weekly update:

*homework packs will not have a sight word list this week. We are officially through with the list. There will be a comprehensive test at the end of May.

*I sent home a zoo research graphic organizer on Friday with the name of the animal your child chose. Have you child do some research at the zoo on his or her animal. I attached card stock for them to draw and color a picture of their animal in uts natural habitat. This is for a grade.

*PLEASE remember that ALL parents must have their drivers license and insurance info on file with the school prior to driving on a field trip.

*I will post a separate reminder about the zoo.

*We are doing a large thumbprint flower pot with plant as our class project for the auction. Mrs. Jane and I will be painting a nautical themed stool as well. If you would like to contribute anything to go along with either item, we will gladly accept donations. We are still I need of business services as well for auction. If you need the form for that again, we will send it to you.

*Our Bible verse this week is: Every good and perfect gift comes from above. James1:17


We will work with sentence structure this week, learn new special sounds (ph, wh, ould, au, aw). In reading, we will read from Beatrix Potter's collection of Peter Rabbit tales. In math, we will continue partners of ten and teen numbers, subtraction, and graphing. In science, we will learn about the life cycle of a frog and butterfly, as well as discuss our zoo trip. In Bible, we will begin lessons on Holy Week beginning with Jesus riding through Jerusalem. We have been talking in class a lot about the true meaning of Easter and how important it is that we honor Jesus during this holiest of holidays. I hope your children will share with you what they have learned.

Have a blessed week everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all Wednesday!

Mrs. Tracy