Hello K Families! 18 Days left...wow! Here are this week's announcements:
*Permission slips went home for the pool party at Waterleaf on Thursday, May 30th, from 12:30-2:30 (plus 30 minutes on either side of that for transportation time). Please remember that ALL children must have a chaperone! Please send in form by next Friday so that we can make plans. There will also be a sign-up genius posted here for your to connect to for bringing food items. We are very excited for this special graduation party and thank Stephanie Elyse Burgin for organizing it for us. :)
*Robots are due TOMORROW! These are for a grade and will be on display for the school to see. Please make sure to send in the form that went home with your child about the project. If you have not made your robot, no stress! It does not have to be elaborate, or even a working robot. Just make sure it has items that are recyclable. :)
*Show-n-tell is Summer Fun! Anything summer will do! We are all just going to bask in the pre-summer glow of beach balls, pool toys, and whatever other summer fun stuff your kids can think of!
*We will be doing cap and gown pictures next week. I will let you know the day as soon as I clear it on Mr. Harrell's calendar. He is a great photographer! There will be no expense to you for pics. We provide them for you, but your child will get to keep his/her cap and gown if you wish to do studio portraits later.
*As a reminder, graduation is on Tuesday, May 28, at 7:00 p.m. More info on graduation will go home in a separate email.
*Thank you SO much for all the sweet gifts, flowers, candy, and cards this week. I appreciate YOU too! :) <3
We are focusing heavily on reading and writing skills for the rest of the month. We are reading leveled reading books in class that are not familiar to the children. This helps me to determine how fluent their reading skills are, how quickly they can decode, and how well they know their sight words. Please read unfamiliar books as much as possible at home as well. The A Beka books can become very comfortable and easy to read after just a few times. While this is great, it doesn't allow for building decoding skills, so in addition to having your children read the A Beka books, have them read menus at restaurants, programs at church, signs in stores, words on tv, and of course books, as much as possible. My best and highest level readers read everything they can everywhere they go. Practice makes perfect! In math, we are learning how to tell time on both digital and analog clocks on the hour. Your children brought home a ziploc bag with practice clocks today. These are for keeping at home for practice. In Bible, we are learning about Pentecost and what the Holy Spirit is. We are also learning about spiritual gifts and how to recognize them. In science, we are learning about freshwater fish and their habitats. We are also learning specifically about fish in our local area, in our marshes, brackish water, rivers, and estuaries. I am planning to have a special guest from the Jacksonville River Keepers come in and do a presentation. I will let you know when I have that scheduled.
Have a blessed week everyone!