Dear K Families,

So sad this is our last update together. It has been amazing year with you and your little ones and I am so sad to let them go. Thank you for sharing them with me and allowing me the privilege of being their teacher!

This week will be very different than I expected. Sadly, my grandfather passed away on Saturday. Though it was expected, it nevertheless is very hard on my family and me. We will be traveling to Atlanta on Wednesday for services and I will not be able to return after that to finish out the week. I will, however, be able to be in attendance at both school tomorrow and the graduation program. The holiday today pushed the funeral services into Thursday, and that allowed me one extra day here in Florida before making the trip up. That's a blessing!

So with the agenda this week changed dramatically, I will ask a few things of you in advance.

1. Make sure you have the field trip permission slips in tomorrow. Also, a reminder that your child cannot attend the pool party without an adult chaperone.

2. We will have a sub for Wednesday, half a day Thursday and half a day Friday. Mrs. Jane will attend the pool party on my behalf. You may bring your child directly to the party and directly home, or pick your child up at noon and take them straight to the party. If your child is not attending, he/she will either need to be picked up or will be sent to another classroom for the remainder of the day. The party begins at 12:30 at Waterleaf.

3. Please send backpacks all days this week. Your child will be bringing home papers and artwork.

4. All testing will be completed tomorrow. There will be no academics beyond reading and writing after tomorrow.

5. PLEASE have your child in our CLASSROOM no later than 6:40 tomorrow. We will get them dressed in caps and gowns. Just drop them off and go take your seats in the sanctuary. We ask that you not take pictures during the program from the aisle or front of church by altar. You may take them of course from your seats. A cake and punch reception will immediately follow the program. You will receive your child's actual diploma and picture at that time.

As I think of things between now and Wednesday, I will post them. So sorry for such a rush with this post. I will post about summer reading and things like that next week. This page will remain active and be taken over by Abbie Maldonado as administrator for next year. She will rename the page.

God bless and I love you all!
Mrs. Tracy