grace lutheran vpk east arlington jaxWhat do children do in Pre-K 4? 

  • Children aquire the skills ready to be successful in Kindergarten, like: taking turns with classmates, sitting still, listening to a speaker, being attentive, working through conflict, and following directions and routines.
  • Children become more independent in taking care of their own needs.
  • Children develop fine and gross motor skills through fun indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Children develop communication skills with teachers and classmates.
  • Children learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet and understand that letters represent sounds.
  • Children learn to recognize numbers and understand what numbers mean.
  • Children spend time in Bible study, prayer, and singing praises to Jesus.
  • Most of all, the children play!

Pre-K 4 Wolff Home


 Welcome to Mrs. Wolff's Class!

In our classroom, we will daily pray, learn, and play together. With Jesus' help, we will put God's word into action and reflect His love, grace, and forgiveness in our relationships with others. Above all, we will remind each other that God is always by our side and our best friend is Jesus.

Pre-K 4 is such a special year. Students not only begin to understand the basics for academic learning, but they also learn how to function in a classroom setting, participate in learning activities and cooperate with classmates, all in preparation for Kindergarten. This is an exciting time for children and I love fostering that excitement through themed units of study like bears, ocean life, insects, the five senses, community helpers and many more. Our study of the alphabet, reading comprehension, math, science, and social studies will be based on these themes so that the learning is meaningful and woven throughout fun activities. Students will bring home projects and be excited to share all they have learned! We will also daily spend time studying God’s word and praying together. The children will know that their Creator loves them and wants them to share His love with others. 


Contact Christie Wolff

904-928-9136 ext. 134


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