Our elementary students studied John James Audubon's love of birds and the modern collage artist Varvjen Boghosian.  This became the inspiration for their nature collages.

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Art Classes

Students in PreK-4th grade have art class with Ms. Alexia once a week.  Known for her creativity and use of interesting materials, Ms. Alexia helps her students develop skills in many areas including drawing, painting, and sculpture.  Students are introduced to the great classical artists and learn to view works of art with a critical eye.  Ms. Alexia encourages all of her students and builds in them a love for art.

Middle school students at Grace take art for one semester from Mr. Dave Leimer.  He builds on the skills learned in the elementary classroom and helps them develop their creativity in the visual arts.  Students practice skills like perspective in a variety of medium including pastels, drawing pencil, tempera paint, and water color.  Students with a strong interest in art can take an additional Advanced Art class.

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