Choir Song Links:

Current Pieces for 2019-2020 School Year


Cold Snap (3 part)

Shalom Pacem Peace (3 part)

On A Night Long Ago (3 part)

What Child/Child of the Poor

Silent Night




Tue Tue

Cantate Hodie

Shalom Pacem Peace



Older songs:  

Exsultate Jubilate  (click on the paper symbol under "view" for music/movie)

Exsultate Jubliate (if you can't get the above version to work)

Clare Benediction- highlighted BARITONE part

Clare Benediciton- highlighted ALTO part

Clare Benediction- highlighted SOPRANO part 

Kye Kye Kule

I Want toRise

Walk Dem Bones

Music Home


Music Classes at Grace

Students at Grace in our PreK-6th grade participate in general music classes twice a week. These activity-based clases  incorporate singing, dancing, and playing instruments.  Even our youngest students play unpitched percussion, Orff xylophones and metalophones, use scarves, hoola hoops, Boomwhackers and chimes. By using a collaborative approach with classroom teachers, students can reinforce concepts from math, language, history, religion, and literature. 

4th and 5th graders participate in Recorder Karate, earning belts for their recorders as they advance in their skills in reading music and playing.  Our 6th grade students continue to grow in music reading by learning to play the ukulele.

Students also particiapte in multiple performances throughout the year, including 7th and 8th grade handbell choir and a vocal choir, festival competitions, Christmas programs, and serve in the community by singing at nursing homes and the airport.