How often should my child have music class? 
All elementary school children should have music a minimum of 1 hr per week.

Do you just sing songs in music?
I teach using the Orff method. This is a combination of singing, playing instruments (pitched and unpitched percussion), movement, and drama. Children are actively engaged in music from different areas, countries, and develop the ability to read music. Third through fifth graders play the recorder. Chorus and handbells become options in the seventh and eighth grades. I collaborate with classroom teachers when possible and reinforce ideas from math, language arts, social studies, reading, and religion.

When should my child start taking piano lessons?
Ideas on this vary from teacher to teacher. I personally like for a child to wait until he/she is reading and in second grade. Although many teachers will start very young children and have some success, most need a great deal of parental help. As parents, we all have the BEST intentions to assist our children, but sometimes fall short of what we plan due to our own hectic schedules. If a child is reading on his/her own, they have a much greater chance to succeed and continue taking lessons for many years.

How is my child graded in music class? 

Music is frequently assessed by the use of rubrics when students are demonstrating a skill.  One such rubric is below.  Realizing that God has gifted us each in different ways, half of each child's grade is from classroom effort and participation.   

Music Assessment






Has mastered the skill and demonstrates this consistently each time performed.  (I can do it all the time, and can add to it!)

Has mastered the skill and usually performs it well.  (I can do it!)

Is making steady progress towards mastery of the skill.  (I'm getting better)

Is making little progress towards mastery of the skill.  (I don't have it yet, but I'm still trying to learn)

Negatively influences others in their mastery of the skill.  (I'm not trying to learn or participate)

Music Home


Music Classes at Grace

Students at Grace in our PreK-6th grade participate in general music classes twice a week. These activity-based clases  incorporate singing, dancing, and playing instruments.  Even our youngest students play unpitched percussion, Orff xylophones and metalophones, use scarves, hoola hoops, Boomwhackers and chimes. By using a collaborative approach with classroom teachers, students can reinforce concepts from math, language, history, religion, and literature. 

4th and 5th graders participate in Recorder Karate, earning belts for their recorders as they advance in their skills in reading music and playing.  Our 6th grade students continue to grow in music reading by learning to play the ukulele.

Students also particiapte in multiple performances throughout the year, including 7th and 8th grade handbell choir and a vocal choir, festival competitions, Christmas programs, and serve in the community by singing at nursing homes and the airport.