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Physical Education

All students at Grace participate in PE classes twice a week. Classes with our early elementary students focus on balance, hand-eye coordination, and following multistep directions. Students are active and burn energy in a fun setting.  

Elementary students start to learn more complex exercises, and they are introduced to the fundamentals of team sports.  

Our middle school students dress out for their PE classes. Strength and endurance training plays a significant role in class, and they continue to develop skills in the major team sports.


Coach Jerrand Nesmith came to Grace in 2016 to teach PE to our PreK-8th grade students.  A Jacksonville native, he is a graduate from Raines High School, and he went to Concord University in Athens, West Virginia where he earned a BA in Sports Management.  With a background in training and physical fitness, he helps our students increase strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination.  He teaches his students to be healthy by making nutritious eating choices and being active every day.  Students are taught to encourage one another and learn the importance of team work in PE.

Coach Nesmith loves working at the same school his children attend!  When he's not working at Grace, you might see him shopping for new sneakers (he loves to collect shoes) or cheering on his own children at their sporting events.