Grace Lutheran School will be partnering this year with School Eatery to provide hot lunch options for students at Grace.  

Parents create an account with School Eatery, and then use their online menu to place orders by the day, week, or even month.  Each meal is prepared by School Eatery, packaged, and delivered to Grace.  With this program there will be greater menu variety including customizable options for each day.  (Don't worry!  Chick-Fil-A will still be on the menu) Meals come with a drink, and parents may select a small meal for younger children or a regular sized meal for older students.  

All payments are made online directly to School Eatery.  Orders may be cancelled the night before at no cost to the parent.  Orders can even be added in the morning before 8:00 a.m. for a small convenience fee.  There's even an app for Apple phones to make ordering even easier.

This partnership will take the hassle out of ordering school lunches while still providing healthy options for our students.  When you view the online menu, you will see nutrition information alongside each option allowing parents to make healthy choices for their kids.  

Create your account today by going to and using the code GLJ (all caps).  Want to download the app?  Search ahotlunch in your Apple store and use schooleatery as your HotLunch Domain.

It takes approximately two weeks for new accounts to be activated, so don't delay and register now!