Parents want transparency in what the school they choose will do for their children. Some schools might decide that using a closed educational system creates this transparency, and that may be true for current parents. Other schools decide that Facebook is enough to reach parents and prospective parents, but Facebook is fleeting. The best way for Lutheran schools to show that they are doing what is expected by both current and future parents is to have a good website that demonstrates what is going on at the school.

This website is set up in a way that can show parents what is going on, what has gone on, and what will be happening down the road. Teachers are able to add content to their classroom pages, while administration can add evergreen articles that don't disappear down the news feed. Parents can see what websites and assignments are being used, photos of activities, and important information for planning their year, all in one place. Parents who are thinking about the school can also see what's going on and what students are LEARNING. 

Here are the links to classrooms that show parents what teachers at this school have been doing for their kids. 

Lutheran Kindergarten

Lutheran 1st Grade

Lutheran 2nd Grade

Lutheran 3rd Grade

Lutheran 4th Grade

Lutheran 5th Grade

Lutheran 6th Grade

Lutheran 7th Grade

Lutheran 8th Grade