Fellowship, Fundraise, Fulfill.

Every year, a small group of volunteer parents serve on the PTL Board, which plans events, meetings and fundraising activities for the school and church families.  The main objective is to bring people together - to connect.  In doing so, the PTL also works hard with the room parents and other volunteers to help raise extra funds to fulfill the wish lists of the teachers, students, and staff.  None of this can be done without all the components of the PTL - The Parents and The Teachers in One League.

So, what has the efforts of the PTL done for Grace Lutheran School over the years? 
Funds raised have gone to provide the following:

  • Two Audio / Visual Rover Carts
  • The Mosquito Machine on the Playground
  • Twelve New Computers for the Media Center
  • New Playground Equipment and Ground Cover
  • Concrete pad, basketball court and 2nd hoop on the playground
  • Two Scoreboards in the Gymnasium
  • Large Band Instruments and music stands
  • Mimio Virtual Smart Board Devices
  • Interactive classroom response system for quizzing / review
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Stage risers in the Family Life Center
  • Partnered with the school to fund the covered walkways on campus
  • The lighted school sign on McCormick Road
  • Partners with the school on special events such as Christian concerts and ministries
  • Plans informative and/or entertaining PTL meetings and socials - open to all families
  • Annual student directory and yellow pages
  • Orchestrate tuition fundraisers to provide tuition relief for Grace families
  • A playhouse, small playground equipment, mulch, Pre-K garden, and planters. 
  • Baritone
  • Digital microscopes
  • Kindergarten Leapfrog computers
  • New Playground Equipment (Red, White & Blue)
  • Smart Boards

It's all for the families of Grace.  Everyone is encouraged to get involved...get connected.